Sometimes the loan payment has to go very quickly. In such a situation, it doesn’t matter which bank you choose. One of the other banks may advertise with a low-interest rate, but in the end, it is important that the loan is paid out quickly.

When looking for a loan, it should by no means only be about the payment speed. It is nice if the loan amount is transferred to the account within a very short time. But in the end, it is at least as important that the loan also convinces with the interest rate.

This is how you should proceed with the instant loan comparison

This is how you should proceed with the instant loan comparison

The consideration of the loan interest plays an important role in the financing comparison. However, as an interested party, you should also think about other condition components. For example, it is always good if the fast loan allows special repayments to be made or you, as a borrower, can also suspend installments.

The payment can be made as quickly as possible

Most interested parties are faced with the question of how quickly their loan is paid out or until when they can count on the loan amount. Answering this question across the board is anything but easy. There are two main influencing factors that determine the speed:

Choice of bank

If the wrong bank is used, it can take several weeks for loans to be paid out. In general, it is advisable to use a direct bank for an instant loan. Several direct banks offer their installment loans as instant loans, which ultimately means that the interested party can find out within a few minutes after submitting their application whether they will receive a financing commitment.

Submit the documents


The borrower also has an influence on how quickly his loan is paid out. The immediate acceptance does not guarantee quick payment. Banks will only pay out loan amounts when they have all the documents required for the credit check.

Therefore, the applicant must work diligently. Proof of income and the other requested documents must be obtained as quickly as possible and sent to the bank.

Here’s what you should avoid with instant credit:

Unfortunately, the mistake is made time and again to only pay attention to a quick payout. However, good credit scores in both disciplines. The interest rate should be as low as possible, after all, there should be no unnecessary costs.

This is exactly where our loan calculator comes in: With its help, you can determine the current conditions of the individual banks. These are compared. This means you can see at a glance what costs the individual banks can expect.

Important information about the instant loan

Important information about the instant loan

Make the financing comparison now to find a loan that convinces you with low-interest rates and is also quickly paid out to your account. The process is very easy, only three steps are required to calculate current loan conditions:

  1. Enter the desired loan amount
  2. Choose the funding period
  3. Name the purpose of the loan

You will then see at what interest rates the individual direct banks can finance. Our calculator primarily considers direct financiers because this is to ensure good interest rates and quick processing of the request.

Once the right instant loan is found, submit the loan application. This also happens directly from the loan comparison. Simply select the loan and apply for it. With most banks, you will find out a few minutes later whether loan financing is possible thanks to an instant confirmation.

After the loan approval, it is important that you do not waste any time. Proof of income and other documents must be compiled immediately and sent to the bank. The sooner the documents arrive at the bank, the faster the instant loan can be approved and transferred to your account.

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