Banknotes despite credit. In particular, the account change is a proven tactical move, especially if the new bank offers a relocation service. Basically, we offer an account change service in internet banking. Can I change debts despite “Dispo”? The fast credit check is nothing in the way.

In no time and in no time


The Austrian credit institutions are at the top of the world when it comes to banknotes and banknotes. Once there, always there: When the Europeans open a bank account, they are usually associated with it for the rest of their lives.

This also applies to the Austrians – although there is hardly a state in the EU where banknotes are as easy and problem-free as in this state, and hardly so fast.

Even then, we looked at how good the domestic credit institutions are, how well a switch work and whether he – as required by law since 2009 – runs for free. From the order placement to the final transfer and liquidation of the account went in an individual case 21 banking days.

High cost, improved customer service

High cost, improved customer service

Convenience wins when it comes to turning your back on your former bank. The transfer of your salary account to a new bank is relatively straightforward – and often cheaper. The relationship between the Austrians and their bank is similar or similar: Once you have decided on a bank, you stay there.

Because it is convenient to obtain savings account, salary account and credit from a single source. For consumers, it does not matter how much the account and credit costs are. Even financial institutions are now more or less intensively promoting new clients and asking them to change sides.

At first glance, it may seem difficult to transfer your user account to another institution. In principle, each financial institution has several account models. Ie. the debtors are debited quarterly with a certain amount of money from their accounts. However, there may be additional costs that are not part of the package. >>> Investigation: Have you ever changed the bank? The Bank?

As the price of a bank’s account package increases, the range of services provided by institutions will be even greater. For example, if Good Finance Bank offers a more expensive package of accounts (USD 27.7 per quarter, USD 28.36 from April 1), the card is already included. Those who opt for the cheaper option – at 14.71 per quarter – pay from mid-December this year, 4.54 USD per calendar month for payment by debit card (Mastercard or Visa).

Booking customers must pay 0,15 USD per piece

Booking customers must pay 0,15 USD per piece

credited. In addition, customer support is only free of charge if the average balance per quarter is 880 USD. Otherwise, there are quarterly fees of 13.50 USD. Anyone who chooses a bank account now can not help but go to the bank of their choice.

The old accounts should also be covered as long as they still exist. Once the bank becomes aware of the termination, it could block the overdraft facility. However, the new bank account should also be equipped with sufficient liquidity. As soon as consumers have their new ATMs and check cards, they should only use them. The bank is obliged to return the old cards.

Some need a credit card, the others can easily dodge it. Before changing your bank account, you should carefully check the individual account models. The higher the risk for the account, the higher the cost of a package. For the dissolution of an account, credit institutions may charge no further costs. However, if you change to another bank, you should not close your existing deposit immediately after termination, but keep it for a period of one to two months.

Numerous customers and clients change the bank because they are not satisfied with the offer of their institute. But if you only find that the overdraft rates of your institution are too high, you do not need to change your deposit immediately. It will not take long to change his account. The bank needs only a few signatures. However, it may take some time for everything to be debited from the new account.

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